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Authority: The Devil Can Only Occupy Where He Is…

James 4:7 – Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. NKJV

The devil can only occupy a place where he is tolerated… but if you make a stand… he HAS TO FLEE! Tell the devil to leave IN JESUS NAME! If you are a blood bought, born again, child of God he has no rights over you.

The devil uses fear, intimidation and isolation to slow us down and cause us to abort our dreams.

I am praying you make a stand right now in Jesus name and COMMAND the devil to leave your emotions, your body, and your home. Listen, the devil fights us the hardest the closer we are to our breakthrough. Hold on to God with all your faith. Release your enemies. Be kind to all. Be a child of God. Your breakthrough will come.

by Pastor Brad Kuechler